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Title: The 'Perfect' Game

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Well where do I begin?

A game of epic proportions. The Catalans versus the Reds. The often referred to 'Spanish Giants' against the Kings of England. It was the perfect storm. All the ingredients necessary to bring football fans from around the world to their pubs or televisions to witness the glory that is a Champions League final. The players. The fans. The Red against the Blaugrana. Powerhouse against powerhouse. This was the game our ancestors foretold. The inevitability of titan battling titan. One would stand while the other returned home empty handed.

Nothing close to a repeat of a few years ago. This Red Devil team was solid, hands down. Knocking off Chelsea in the title run while denying and overtaking the record league title from Liverpool. We were the best in England. Not a single soul in the UK had the fortitude the keep Manchester United from taking the Prem. This alone was all the proof any ManU supporter needed going into the CL.

Enter stage left; Barcelona.

Mes que un club. More then a club. This echoed throughout the world it seemed. Every Barca supporter knew their beloved Catalan team would not flinch in fear. We all knew what Barca was capable of. We knew. But in the end, the best in England doesn't mean the Best in Europe. Barcelona made an example out of Manchester United. With a team that has the perfect mixture of youth and experience, Barcelona made Man Utd pay heavily for mistakes. Its clearly evident that Guardiola has made this their bread and butter. The attack. The defense. The possession. Shall I go on?

I'm a dedicated Manchester United supporter just like the lot of you. But can you really be upset after today? Its plain and simple really. Manchester United are a class team. A world-re-known team at that. Millions and millions of supporters worldwide. The fan base itself could be intimidating to some. But the same can be said of Barcelona. This wasn't the Barcelona that played against Real Madrid in the epic four 'Clasicos'. No, this Barcelona came to England and steam rolled any living thing in it's path. This game tonight was one of the most sought after games. It wasn't foul vs. foul. Or hard tackle vs. hard tackle. Not even close. This game was about class vs. class. A true game of football where the final score was derived from precise tactical moves on behalf of the Catalans.

Sure I would love the result to be flipped and have Vidic lifting the CL trophy like he did the Prem trophy. But be honest, Barcelona played world class football that deserved the result as it stands right now. Manchester United just weren't strong enough to handle the job. Some sad moments no doubt, with Edwin ending his Man United career with a loss. But its a process. How did Barcelona end up with the team they have now? Time. Patience. Fortitude. A true desire to want to be the best.

Some moments in the game by players that deserved to be recognized; Rooney and Messi.

Messi had never scored on English soil. Rooney had never scored against a Spanish side. Skill and class changed that. Giants do bleed after all. No one is invincible. Determination led Messi & Co. to another CL win, specifically, his third.

To hand out my opinion on David Villa's handball, all I'll say is this...You cannot possibly tell me that while playing football yourselves, that an unintentional handball has ever occurred. The way I see it, it was unintentional, therefore the ref was right in not to call it as a handball. End of story.

Edwin Van der Sar. A class goalkeeper with a class attitude. It will be hard to replace such an iconic figure in the lineup. Thanks to the Dutchman for taking this team so far into the history books. His presence will surely be missed...

So. Lots of work to do. Let the dust settle. In a few months the race starts all over. Rest up Reds, the Prem will soon be calling again...

-Mr Blak.

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