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Memories of 99'

Champions league finalContinuing our theme of stories from that fateful night in 99' Poonam tells us her story... I was still quite young at that time, so this is my story:

I remember watching the football game with my brother and my dad. Bayern Munich scored early, but there was plenty of time left and we all had hope that United would soon score and get back into the game..

However Bayern's domination continued and by half time we were relieved they had scored only one.

There was not much improvement in the second half and at that point we started stressing up. I remember eating large amounts of biscuits and drinking a lot of coffee! With each minute that passed we lost some more hope. But just as we were about to give up on hope, Man United won a corner and Schmeichel went forward. Beckham took it nicely and somehow Sheringham managed to score. At this point we were going hysterical, jumping up and down, and our cheers woke my mum up.

We were just settling down and getting ready for extra time, but another corner and another goal. We were going completely crazy, my neighbours as well. People were lighting firecrackers and all to celebrate..

A little anecdote now:
My auntie has always been a Manchester United supporter and naturally she was watching the game at her place. Around the 88th minute, she completely lost hope and realised that she would not be able to bear to see the final whistle, with the Man United players so sad while Bayern would be celebrating. So she switched off the TV and went to sleep..

It was only when she woke up the next day that she found out that Man United had won.. Now she never stops watching a game unless the final whistle is blown.. smile.gif