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How I remember the 26th May 1999

ucl logoWe asked the fans on our forum to share their memories of the last time United won the European Cup - 1999. Each day we will add another story. The first story is Ranjits..

Ok here's what happened for me on the night:

Nervous all day. Back then I was only 9, so I basically believed a lot of what my mother told me, and a lot of other stuff that people told me tongue.gif You know those dandelion things that fly through the air? Well when you make a wish, it's supposed to come true. Every single dandelion that was within my sight, I grabbed, made a wish, and blew it away. And every wish I made was for United to win the treble.

The night of the game I prayed to God desperately for us to win. I even said that you can not ever grant me another wish again, just make sure United win!

I was watching the game at home with my mum's mate from work (who is a Spurs supporter but always had a soft spot for Utd... And I guess in return I will always have a soft spot for Spurs). The weird thing was he was takin a freakin bath for the first part of the game, so he missed Basler's goal! I was so down when that went in! I blamed him, saying that if he was watching, they wouldn't have scored! At half time I went to pray to God again, and pleaded for about 5 mins in desperation.

Anyway, 2nd half underway, mum's mate now watching the game. We just didn't get going at all, until the closing 10 mins or so. Bayern hit the bar and post a couple of time as well I think, Schmikes made a couple of decent saves as well to keep us in it. I remember it was Jancker I think with an overhead kick that hit the woodwork and Mehmet Scholl came on and looked really good. There was this attempt from him where he chipped the ball over Schmikes but hit the post - it seriously looked like it was going in.

Anyway, I was in tears. I just thought we weren't going to do it, and thought God had failed me tongue.gif Well either that or that I did something wrong in his eyes. Either way I was really down. Last few mins came, we looked a bit better and were maybe creating a couple of more openings.

When Teddy scored I went ballistic. I jumped off my seat and shouted out like the little kid that I was, saying "YOU THE MAN TEDDY!!! YOU THE MAN!!!" and pointing at him on the tele. I then dried my tears and was preparing myself for extra time.

Then, when Ole scored I lost it. I went running around the house like a man possessed and my mum's mate just was in absolute shock. I had tears now but they were tears of joy... "Oh my God we've done it!!!". I was so happy and tbh, I don't think I've ever been that happy ever! I remember Kuffour crying his eyes out and Matthaus on the bench in pure shock. Clyde Tyldesley's commentary was just immense and so captured the emotion.

I was still slightly worried about Bayern until the final whistle went... Dunno why there was hardly any time left. But after the final whistle it was just pure elation. The biggest grin on my face, I had so much energy, just couldn't sit down. And to think no-one would probably ever win it as dramatic as that, with our great attitude.

I did thank God the next day! I've changed my way of thinking about life since then (unsurprisingly) but it was the best moment of my life. Sad maybe, but I don't care tongue.gif

-Ranjit (Brethart14)

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