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Whats been happening with United - James analyses the news

James' second article for FMU compliments the team and does a round up of the events including the death of former World Cup winner Alan Ball.

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We don’t need money

Richard's second article looks at why United don't need millions to be successful as he compares the signings Chelsa and Manchester United have made.

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The Genius Himself

 Our second new columnist Richard has written his first article on Cristiano Ronaldo and the impact he's had this season

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Last weeks action

 It’s been a busy week for Manchester United and everyone involved with the club, so let’s start with the premiership tie at Fratton Park. United crashed to a 2-1 defeat to Portsmouth last weekend

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The Introduction

    Well, where to begin…my names James, I live in Hampshire, UK, I’m a Man United Fan (Obviously), and have been since I was 5. I found this website a few days ago actually, and then found the “advert” for a columnist, and just thought ‘hhmm…I wouldn’t mind being one of those actually…a bit like Robbo on BBC Sport!’

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