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Viewpoint - 13/11/07

fans viewsHenry Kibirige looks at the number of foreigners in the Premiership and how important it is to none the less still have some local players in your team.

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Viewpoint 7/11/07

fans viewsHenry's column this week looks at the amount of money in football and whether it is justified.

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Woes of Man Utd

Having already played 5 games, you would normally expect Man Utd to at least be in a top 4 position, not the 8th position that they currently find themselves in. A maximum of 1 goal wad scored in all matches so far this season, in contrast to the vast amount of goals scored last season. Just what is happening to Man Utd this season? Is it the lack of a proficient striker? The early season syndrome? Or is it really the curse of the community shield? No one knows for sure. But I believe what we really lack is a proficient striker.

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Viewpoint 30/10/07

 fans viewsHenry Kibirige's column this week looks at the growing understanding of the players within the team. Also how our strong squad will help us cope with injuries.

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and what happens if the inevitable happens?

 ARTICLERe-vitalised columnist Deborah is back with her first article for a long time where she discusses United fans favourite Ole and what would happen if United were no longer successful.

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