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Funny old game, 18/09/10

This time in our regular feature, we bring you football funnies from the past two weeks. Some features this week include a unique goal celebration, some interesting penalties and a Frenchman doing the leap frog!




First up, the issue of Pens. They bring us anticipation, stress and sometimes laughs..

Penalties are so often hard to take, some players can't take the pressure. However trying to take one blindfolded makes it alot harder as Spurs players recently found out!



Next up, we've got a penalty save... oh wait..



Next we have some goal celebrations for you, including footage of our favourite Icelandic team although this time they are having a taste of their own medicine.

Icelandic regulars Stjarnan were on the end of a footballing beating but that couldn't have hurt as much as the mocking use of their own celebration against them:


However, it may be a tad harsh to be mocking Stjarnan when their competition in goal celebration just doesn't measure up.

Take for example Finish team Jaro's attempt to do a Lady Gaga type celebration complete with wig and sunglasses:



Another who should maybe stay away from items such as wigs, sunglasses or '7 pairs of trainers' is Robbie Savage..

Another classic Savage moment as he helps answers calls on Radio 5 live:



Finishing us off, we have some random moments from the football field providing us with laughter

Emmanuel Eboue shows off an interesting warm up technique..



Lastly we have a paranoid tv presenter:


It emerged afterward that the players were actually pretending to aim shots at the presenters. Shocking..


Football Quotes of the Fortnight

"I can bring you the news that Wayne Rooney has scored - this time it was on the pitch, in the opposition's goal and actually playing for his country." The unlikely David Cameron makes a 'hilarious' joke.

"I am a coach, not Harry Potter. He is a magician. Magic is fiction and I live for football which is real." That's what you think, muggle Jose Mourinho!

"He [Jens Lehmann] belongs on the Muppet Show, on the couch, or in a mental institution." Harsh, but possibly true, Tim Wiese.


Hope you enjoyed this weeks feature, if you see something funny that you wish to bring to our attention, let us know here over on the forum or drop us a comment.


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