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Funny Old Game

After a bit of a break, our Funny Old Game feature is back. Once again we bring to your attention what has made us laugh in the footballing world recently.





Don't stand so close to me..

This football player in Germany felt the full force of her opposition's anger as she stood close while a throw in was being taken



Footballing Fails

It seems with each week, goalkeepers are getting beaten from further and further out as this goalkeeper severely fails to misjudge the ball's bounce.


As if one fail per article isn't enough for one player, Santo's Brailizan whizzkid, Neymar is really caught out in having two fails in one week. The second being one he probably won't be allowed to forget in a long time!




And when it's a City player it just gets better

Carlos Tevez and new signing James Milner provide us with continued laughs at our neighbours. We have to laugh while we can I guess!




Finally, we stick with another celebration from Stjarnan

As long as they continue to entertain us, we will continue to keep showing their goal celebrations. This time they produced a human toilet for their fans to enjoy..




Football Quotes of the Week

"How did I treat my swollen knees? You're never going to believe how I treated my swollen knees. I went to visit my grandparents, and I put leaches on my knees."  Well anythings better then having the injuries you had while you were at United, Louis Saha.

"Why Palace? Two reasons, first, the history. When I was young I used to watch Ian Wright and Mark Bright on television, they always played well and that stuck with me. And second, on my Twitter page there was a guy who talked about Palace and he asked, 'The club has a problem, can you help us?' I told my followers to support Palace and after a couple of weeks I got a tweet from him to say 'We're saved, thank you.' - Based on Edgar Davids signing for Crystal Palace, perhaps footballers should actually be encouraged to have twitter accounts!


Hope you enjoyed this weeks feature, if you see something funny that you wish to bring to our attention, let us know over on the forum here.

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