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Funny Old Game

Once again we bring you the funny moments of the last week from the world of the beautiful game.

Includes the weekly goal celebrations of Icelandic team Stjarnan..




All the funnies from United's community shield win over Chelsea

We were all expecting our new Mexican 'little pea' to score his first competitive goal early on in his United career but I don't think we were expecting him to score it with his face..


More of that to come please Chicha, even if just to appear on this article each week!

Also caught on camera during the community shield win was Capello's apparent lack of communication skills in not knowing which of his players were fit to start off a not so great week for the England boss..


Along with the Ashley Cole sub and the Beckham farce we could have just focused on Capello for the whole article but we figured you'd be bored of him by now.


Bad judgements

As usual we have a couple of bad moments for defenders and goalkeepers across the world to bring to your attention. They may make some weep, but they may also make some cry with laughter..

From Australia, not so great technique is shown by Newcastle Jets defender Ben Kantarovski to gift Melbourne Heart a goal.


In Brazil, Corinthians Under 18 goalkeeper is made to look even more embarrassed as he also does not appear to know where his goal is.


Icelandic team Stjarnan are at it again..

Stjarnan are under worldwide pressure not to score a goal, but to produce a genius celebration once they haved scored it. This week they keep up the performance as best they can with the 'birth' celebration surely the best of the three this week:


Norwegian team Sogndal take inspiration from Iceland with their golfing celebration, not bad!


Captain Lars Grorud said 'we thought about doing the fish thing, but we had no one who wanted to be the fish.'

It's called taking one for the team lads..


Lastly, sometimes football can be so random..

When the Fitness First Winterstars XI were losing 11-0 at half time to Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena, the Winterstars decided the calvary was needed. Watch Bayern Munich's players taking on the opposition of 32 players..


It paid off with the Winterstars getting a goal back with a good celebration to boot :)


Last but not least, you have to wonder why there was a tarpaulin filled with water right next to the pitch in a match in Saudi Arabia:


That was always going to happen wasn't it.


Football Quotes of the Week

"Look at those two jokers at Liverpool - Tom Hicks and George Gillett. They meet in some Texan bar and decide they are going to be bestest friends and run a football club together. Do me a favour. That was always a disaster." Okay, so Liverpool fans may say Ken Bates has a point, but others would ask can he really talk?

"I feel like I'm a fella who was selling the Big Issue last week wih my dog sat by me looking pretty hungry and I just picked up a winning lottery ticket. So I can't go and beg for things like I used to because people say 'Hang on mate, you've got all that money in your back pocket'." - Ian Holloway, I for one am glad you're in the Premiership.

"I don't know what we have to do to improve the mind of the players. At this moment, I don't know." Fabio Capello fills the whole of England with confidence once again.


Hope this week's article as provided you with a laugh or a few. If you've seen something you feel worthy to grace this feature, let us know here on the forum.

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