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Funny old game

At the start of each weekend, we'll attempt to bring to your attention things that have amused us in the world of football in the past 7 days. After all, it's a funny old game!


First up, We're feeling the love..

Zlatan Ibrahimovic got more then he bargained for when a pitch intruder attempted to embrace him equipped with a running jump and everything in a Barcelona pre season friendly.



This goalkeeper is certainly showing love to the opposition gifting them a goal with an absolute howler.


Open Goals, Handballs, Trying too hard to impress when really you're no Ronaldo or Messi..

Like with the previous clip, there's something about failure that draws us in and makes us laugh, all in good spirit of course
These next clips certainly show that.

If you've played football at any point, whether at the highest level or in the park, we've all done this; miss an absolute sitter. Which makes us fully entitled to laugh at others when it also happened to them if the miss was even worse then ours!
Check these out. First up is Ola Kamara for Norwegian team Stromsgodset then secondly Rui Miguel for CSKA Sofia tries his luck for our entertainment in the Europa League qualifiers. Which one's the worst miss? Hit us with a comment.








What's the opposite of the resulting emotions after missing an open goal? Showing off your skills and taking in the adulation of the crowd right? Unfortunately these Juventus and Cruzeiro players were not quite able to do that.



The last and possibly funniest fail of the week from a South Korean women footballer in their match against Germany at the Under 20's World Cup. She goes to catch the ball when it most obviously hadn't gone out. It's not netball love.. (I'm allowed to say that being a woman!)


On the other hand..
No one can tell us we don't just laugh at failures, sometimes acts of pure genius are comedy gold.
This is the case with Icelandic team Stjarnan who celebrated Halldor Orri Bjornsson's goal in a very unique way. Laxdal playing the very convincing role of the fish.







Could you do better? Give us your goal celebration ideas over in the forum.

The country of Spain certainly is providing us with many moments of sporting genius at the moment. Even when the youngsters are taking penalties better then everyone else.



{youtube} JuEkF2T_8M4{/youtube}

Football Quotes of the Week

"Football fans don't care. The players don't care. Saddam Hussein could own your football club. If he's putting millions into it they'd be quite happy. They'd be singing 'There's only one Saddam'."
Harry Redknapp challenges the morals of football fans and players alike.

“If a player is not happy, then what you have to do is find a solution. Maybe I can tell him a joke to make him happy! Which one? I know many!”
Carlo Ancelotti - Obviously the bloke you want by your side to turn that frown upside down!

If you see or read something that you think worthy or this feature. Let us know about it over on the related thread on the forum.




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