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That was the week that was...

weekly banterOur second installent of our round up of the past weeks funny football moments. If you a football funny you'd think would look good on this page do send us an e-mail or drop by on the forum

Liverpool vs Chelsea

A new rule book was launched by the F.A. and Mike Riley over the weekend, heres a quick guide by FMU on when to award a red card Lampard tackle

 Lampard goes in for a tackle and wins the ball, this is now considered violent conduct and warrants a straight red card by the referee.

 Gerrard dives into a tackle, similar style to Lampard without winning the ball. (5 mins on the video) This is now to be considered worthy only of a ticking off and any dissent to be passed off as just a bit of passion.

While Bosingwa decides that the best way to win the ball is to launch a kick into the middle of the Liverpool players back. As he explains after the match "it was never my intention to hurt him" if a player expresses this kind of sympathy then no card should be awarded.

The rules have also been changed so that Gerrard can now be booked for diving, although incidents such as these are still not allowed to be publicised in the national press. 



 A linesman is taken out after a player attempts a water slide..

Fans know best..

Miss of the week!

Corinthians forward Rodrigo de Souza against Oeste in the Paulista championship

Runner up spot for miss of the week!

Ribery against Lehman 

Special 1 Tv

Capello gets a special surprise

Quotes of the week

"I should get a cane and give him six of the best. There's been worse said about me. I won't lose any sleep over it."

Joe Kinnear after N'Zogbia went on strike after being called...

Insomnia by Kinnear


Chants of the week

"Viva Da Silva, Viva Da Silva, when they're on the pitch, we don't know which is which, Viva da Silva!"
Man Utd fans on the debut of Fabio da Silva, twin brother of Rafael.

What we missed last week...

 A parrot has been banished from a football ground because it kept imitating the referee's whistle during an crunch match. Read more.

A few from around the grounds:

Robinho are you listening.
What the f*ck were you thinking.
All those empty seats
And home defeats
Walking in a City wonderland.


Kaka , wherever you may be
Have you heard of Man City?
Don't go there ,it'll end in tears
They've won f*ck all for 33 years!


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