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That was the week that was...

weeklybanter.jpgA new feature where we look back at the funniest football moments in the past 7 days as well as the best and worst from the rest of the football action!

Kaka to Man City? (click the picture for full article)

---Warning strong language---


Cristiano Ronaldo

"Of course, Ronaldo entertains the crowds and has great skills. But it is too much glamour and show. Gerrard, Barcelona's Xavi and Messi are not as much focused on themselves. They focus on the team."

-Guus Hiddink - after Ronaldo collected the Ballon D'Or, FIFA World Player Year of the award, scored 42 goals, helped United to win the Champions League and Premiership while collecting numerous other awards.


"Man Utd stars have bought Cristiano Ronaldo a new little ron-about after he pranged his Ferrari— a toy PEDAL CAR!

Grinning teammates had a whipround to replace his crashed £200,000 supercar with a red plastic kiddies’ model—a bargain at forty quid.

They even stuck a Ferrari badge on the front and gave it a CR7 reg plate."

Read the full story here


Best of the rest

Fernando Torres stars in a shocking commercial for a local hair salon
The Spanish and Liverpool striker welcomes you to the hairdressers and introduces his friend before describing all the options you have - wash and cut, styled etc. A shameful piece of acting by all!

Michael Ballack target practice with a pigeon..

A recurring theme at the moment it seems after San Lorenzo defender Gaston Aguirre killed a pigeon in December while previous to that Lucas Neil also has form

Gabby Agbonlahor gets tapped on the shoulder by an invisible team-mate

TV replays trumps Adriano's return to petulance..


A Brazilian match between Boavista and Botafogo was held up for nearly 10 minutes after a header by Alessandro of Botafogo ended up in the back of the net. Twice the referee consultated his assistants and both times the goal was given despite television replays clearly showing the ball had been headed wide and had bounced through a whole in the net.On the third consulatition however the goal was given after what looked like tv replays were illegaly used in aiding the decision.
Read the full story here

Chants of the week

‘Que Sera Sera we’re going to Wembley’

Spurs fans to Man Utd fans

Fast forward a few minutes..

‘Que Sera Sera we’re going to Wembley’

United fans serenade their Totenham compatriots


'Rafa's cracking up' - to the tune of 3 lions on the shirt.
Sung by United fans at the Derby semi-final second leg
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