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Review: Manchester United Retro Shirt

logo.jpgA new section of the website where we will review Manchester United products and sometimes offer you the opportunity to win one. The first review is for a retro Man Utd shirt replica of the 1968 shirt won when United first won the European Cup. – Official retro


Score Draw is an official manufacturer of retro kits for 40 different football clubs and national associations, including Manchester United. Just a brief look at their site shows how very unique their products areGeorge Best. They are currently offering 12 different Manchester United shirts for sale. From as early as 1963 when United beat Leicester 3-1 in the F.A. Cup final to the 1973 shirt that will always be associated with the late great George Best (see inset). While you might associate retro with shirts from a long time ago you can find more recent shirts such as the treble winning shirt of ’99 on offer. So when Score Draw contacted me offering a free shirt for myself and one to give away to visitors of the site I jumped at it.


As much as I love the red of Manchester United the idea of owning a replica of the shirt worn when Man Utd first won the European Cup back in 1968 just had that special sort of appeal. So ever since I replied asking for that shirt I’ve been waiting eagerly for a shirt shaped package to arrive. Coming home to find that our postman/woman had tried to deliver a package for me my first thought was that my shirt had arrived. When I went to pick up the parcel, my first thought was that is not a shirt shaped parcel.


It turns out it was my shirt, but as if owning a beautiful replica shirt wasn’t enough, it came packaged in a box which is more than just packaging for transporting it but a genuinely nice case, even if it is only made out of cardboard, it assures you of the quality you are receiving.  


The shirt fitted perfectly and due to it being a long sleeve you can either wear it as a shirt or a jumper with a t-shirt underneath; comfortable both ways and in addition means you can show it off all year round.


dscn2419.jpgThe shirt has the coat of arms of the city of Manchester with the Latin inscription “Concilio et Labore”. Loosely translated as “Wisdom and Effort”, although some people prefer to think it has a deeper meaning more along the lines of “think of the consequences of your acticrest.jpgons”.The only negative I could find with the shirt is the number '8' on 1968 can be misread as a '9' but that is the only improvement they could make on this quality shirt.


Football shirts have always cost an inflated amount of money but £30 to own something as special and unique as this, is good value for money. Especially when you consider you can pay around £40 for a new home shirt which you will see thousands of at Old Trafford this is a great product. You’re guaranteed to stand out from the crowd with one of these.


Keep your eyes open for a chance to win one of your choice, or follow the links below to buy one now maybe for you, a friend or someone in your family they do make great presents. Even if you buy one now you’re not in danger of winning a duplicate as you will be able to choose your prize, by then there might even be more shirts available.


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