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Opposition Opinion - A Liverpool view

ool.jpgAhead of the big derby at Saturday lunchtime we bring you FMU's resident Liverpool fan's view on this and last season.

FMU:  How do you rate your last season?

18&5: Average to say the least. Another poor Premiership season was salvaged by some exceptional Champions League results, and had it not been for a Riise OG deep in to stoppage time at Anfield, I think we would have been playing United in our 3rd European Cup Final in 4 years!

FMU: Who was your star player?


Fernando Torres

League stats 07/08:

Appearences: 33

Goals: 24

Assists: 4

However, our league form is poor, and the inability to beat the likes of Birmingham, Wigan, Tottenham and Barnsley at Anfield tell it's own story.

18&5: Without a doubt, Torres. It hurts me to say this, but he was too good for us last season. He is class!

FMU:  What was your view on our own season?

18&5: Exceptional! I mean, only some bad finishing against Portsmouth cost you a probable 2nd TREBLE. I never thought you would win the European Cup, but fair play, you did, and you did it well. To be honest, ANYONE but Chelsea!! Can you match it this season? I doubt it!

FMU: Which player impressed you most from United?
18&5: Ronaldo! I know he is an easy choice, but come on - 41 goals, and a missed penalty in the Champions League Final, and he STILL wins it!!! He was at times last season "Cantonaesque" in some of his play!

FMU: How do you see this season going?

18&5: I think United will win the league again, however, not the Champions League this year! As for Liverpool, well, having seen Dosenna and Degean in pre-season - I think we will struggle this year - they look shit, and Robbie Keane and Gareth Barry are not going to turn us in to title winning sides!!

FMU:  Is there any player you would like to see join or leave your club and why?

18&5: I could be here all day listing players I would like to sign... Players I would like to leave? Step forward Mr. Voronin!

Many thanks to 18&5 - at the forums.

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