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Opposition Opinion - A Villa view

Opposition Opinion Our second episode of this daily series features views from Aston Villa fan and AVFC Blog admin Damian Dugdale.

FMU: How do you rate your last season?

DD: Last season was a good one in terms of continuity. We've just got to kick on a little bit more this season too!

FMU:  Who was your star player?

DD: Last season it was Ashley Young. He's got a fantastic cross, can get past people and has natural footballing ability.

Ashley Young

Star man:
Ashley Young

Stat attack:

37 appearences

9 goals

14 assists

FMU:  What was your view on our own season?

DD:I don't think I can really say anything about your season that probably hasn't been said by better people than me. Hats off yet again to Sir Alex Ferguson.

FMU:  Which player impressed you most from United?

DD:While most of your key players jump out I've got to say Ronaldo. At times last season, most of it in fact, he was just awesome.

FMU:  How do you see this season going?

DD:I see United winning the league again. While Chelsea will no doubt spend more money and bring in players they don't have that stability United have and that will be what wins it for you guys.

For us, I'm hoping for more of last season with a few extra points and maybe 5th.

FMU:  Is there any player you would like to see join or leave your club and why?

DD: I'd love to see David Bentley come to Villa but we've walked away from it after they rejected our bid. I'm hoping Martin O'Neill re-thinks his decision but only time will tell.

Many thanks to Damien Dugdale - AVFC Blog

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