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The Real Problem

articleSriram's second article looks at the transfer market dealings so far with Madrid going crazy with their money. Do United to spend though, who do we turn to to answer our problems?

First it was Kaka saying “I’m Milan through and through”, and then CR7 said “Old Trafford is my home” and in a flash, the signings were made, the numbers issued and before you could count to three, the new Galacticos had risen. And the small matter of Karim Benzema was resolved as soon as the venerable Florentino Perez made his way to France and personally invited the hitman to sign. So it rolls on. Next will come the cashing in on the selling of the three most glamorous Meringue jerseys all over the football world and before we know it, the Universe will once again believe that Real Madrid are the greatest team in the world.              

Knock… Knock…

                How many titles did Real win last season? When was the last time Real won the Champions League? By how many goals did Barca beat them last season? What was the name of that side from the bottom of La Liga that embarrassed them last season?


                To sign these world-class talents is but a step in the right direction for Real, but what guarantee do they have that they will gel together to dominate Europe as United have done for the past two seasons? To strike fear as we did, with each marauding assault on the powerhouses of European Club football, to sweep and conquer everyone who dared stood against the Red Army. Inter, Lyon, Barca, Arsenal, Villareal, you name it, with the only exception being Liverpool. A team that, trailing at half-time at home to Spurs, could open the floodgates to put 5 goals past a bewildered defence and do it all with the speed, style and panache that has become the hallmark of Champions.

Lets wind the clock back a year, these supposed Dutch wonders at Real were made to look like they were signed just for the simple reason that the club had money to spend. Sneijder, van der Vaart, Huntelaar, Robben each of them fit enough to be labeled as match-winners in the land of the Oranje. How many goals did they score between them? How many matches did they even start, for that matter? And there is now talk that the Dutch contingent is being offered to Bayern in a deal to bring Ribery to the Bernabeau and Franckly, it seems despicable to see such fast, talented attackers as Robben and co. go to waste. Real have gone crazy with money. If there was a God in football, he would ban them for the rest of eternity.

But spend a moment. Imagine this. A move that starts from the back. From Sant Iker arguably the best keeper of his generation, to Sergio Ramos, easily the world’s best wing back, to Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, (who belongs to Jesus by the way) then on to a certain Ronaldo of the twinkling toes and upto the head and feet of the Deadly Karim who incidentally thinks it’s a crime to take more than one touch to score a goal. Imagine this and throw in the likes of Raul, Robben and Higuain. Add Sneijder or van der Vaart to the list for added effect and my word you have a nightmare on your hands.

Wayne RooneyIf they do gel together, Real will be unbeatable. There are no two ways about this. And whatever United try and do, despite bringing in the mercurial Owen and now pondering what’s left of the transfer market, like Ashley Young and Luis Fabiano, it will take one concrete, world class signing, a trump card that will single handedly beat the stuffing out of Real and match Messi pound-for-pound. A fearless center-forward that can also play on the wing, and volley in crosses with deadly accuracy. A master with the dead-ball, a launcher of rockets now that the bazooka is no longer here. An inspirer of the Old Trafford terraces. A name to chant from the top of Stretford End for very many seasons to come. A scoring machine that can knock in 30 plus goals every season  and make up for the seemingly gaping hole left in the center ofUnited’s attack. Where do we go, Whom do we sign.. ??? A host of names spring to mind.. Aguero, Ibrahimovic, Gignac, Nilmar, Silva, Eto’o .. Well, fear not brothers for we have in our ranks a name worthier than all those mentioned here. A name that will make Real kneel before us and beg for mercy. A 5 foot 10 warrior whom we all forgot to love and adore. A man in a boy’s body.  A White Pele.

Remember the name. Wayne Rooney.

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