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Complete Striker with Killer Touch

altNow, Dimitar Berbatov is a player who has had his critics since his record move to Old Trafford for a sum of money just over £30million.  However, the Bulgarian has silenced many of them lately with a run of goals while he seems to be settling in to a winning team.

Berbatov is perhaps one of the most complete strikers I’ve seen in recent times.  There’s no denying he’s a great finisher as we saw that at Tottenham and now he’s beginning to do the same for us.  Whether it be less than 10 yards out or just outside the box, you feel there’s always a chance that Berbatov could finish it from that position.  11 goals in 24 games so far in his first season isn’t a bad start and most of those goals have come recently so things should only get better as he continues to settle in further.  The good news for us is that this is only one of many great traits of his ability as a striker.

Another of Berbatov’s strengths is, perhaps, not the most important ability in a United striker.  This is his ability to hold up the ball which in such an attacking team isn’t as necessary as it may be elsewhere but can still be used to help us.  His strength on the ball is something overlooked by many, yet it was there to see, clear as day, against West Ham.  There were moments in the second half where he’d go past several players using his strength and some nice ball control.  The way Berbatov uses his strength is not the way the likes of Rooney and Tevez use their strength: he has a much classier way of using his strength and tends to stand strong rather than using brute force.

Now I come to something about Berbatov which I genuinely believe isn’t rivalled by any other footballer right now, and that is his touch – particularly when the ball is played to him in the air.  The way he plucks the ball out of the air using the very tips of his toes is exceptional and gives him precious extra seconds to make a pass, get a shot off or just give him the edge on the defender he’s about to take on.  His touch on ground, again, is world class albeit not as awe-inspiring as his touch in the air.  Watch for this closely next time you see him play and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Dimitar’s vision and execution when it comes to passing are equally as special.  I was thinking it may be something in the air around White Hart Lane, former Spurs man Carrick also has that talent in bucket-loads, but then I watched Tottenham recently and that put that theory straight out the window!  This may be something that his critics are missing, as while he’s got eleven goals of his own, he’s created many others with nine assists to his name so far this season.

If you’ve read this article please leave a comment to let me know what you think of Berbatov and whether you agree or disagree with some of the things I’ve said.  Also, why not nip over the forum to discuss which strike partnership you think is the most effective by following this link: .  Now for my closing thought I’ll leave you with something you may find exciting:  I think we’ve only seen about 60-70% of what Berbatov can do!

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