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Viewpoint: Pure and simple - we're better!

fans viewsHenry this week compares United's team and style of play to that of Arsenal's acknowleding the shortcoming's and assets of each team.

With Arsenal impressing almost every week, this season brings the more traditional title race, between United and Arsenal. During the 90s and early 00s, the United and Arsenal rivalry has grew steadily over the years.
It’s still not as passionate as United and City or United and Leeds, but down the years games between us and Arsenal have always been huge games.Chelsea came in and disrupted the whole flow if it, but with Mourinho gone, Arsenal have picked up form and look like going head to head with United for the title.At the moment the Gunners are doing quite well, and picking up points in games they would have lost last season. But they are still lacking in vital departments and that’s where I think the reasons are for United being the better side.

Arsenal are known for their brilliant attacks. Adebayor and Van Persie make a brilliant front two of pace, accuracy and great finishing. They are both good in the air and link up well with the midfield. They also know how to score.
Compared to United, I don’t see which side has the superior attack. I thinks it’s fair to say that they are both about the same, and are both good at different things.

United have a great front two of Rooney and Tevez, who are both hard workers and can produce moments of brilliance. Just like the Arsenal attack, they link up well with the midfield and know where the goal is.
However, if one of their strikers is injured, Fergie and Wenger don’t really have much of a replacement. Saha is always injured himself, and playing Nani or Anderson being either Rooney or Tevez is a system that has proved to fail.For Arsenal, Bentdner, Walcott and Eduardo and young and decent, but it will help if they can find the net more often.

To me, United have a much better midfield. Wenger’s style of play is slick, passive and creative, which is good, but when it comes to defending and tracking back, they are hopeless. They have creativity and talent in Fabregas, and also link up play and runs in Rosicky. Flamini and Hleb can also come up with the goods. This is all good, but if they play teams like Blackburn and Bolton, they haven’t got an answer for physical presence. All they can come up is Gilberto Silva, and his nickname ‘the invisible wall’ says everything.

On the other hand, United have a bit of everything. As the season goes on, this can prove to be vital. If we are in games where creativity and passing is needed, then Carrick, Scholes and Anderson are there.
If pace, power and tricks are needed, Nani and Ronaldo are available. And also, if you’re up against a physical side, Hargreaves and Anderson will be there to clean up the scraps.
Both midfields however, are incredibly pacey and talented, and are definitely the best midfields in the country.
It’s a known fact in football, that if you can’t defend, then there’s always a chance of you losing the game. It’s no good scoring 8 goals in the first half, and conceding 9 in the second. A defence is the main foundation for a team. United’s is far better.

Arsenal lack personality and grit at the back. They rely heavily on Gallas for experience and leadership and despite him being a well respected defender, he doesn’t bring the same services as the likes of Vidic and Ferdinand.

Arsenal’s defence is pacey going forward, but when high crosses and tough challenges come in, basic mistakes are often made. It seems to only take a clever run or a cracking cross to carve open their defence.
When it comes down to supporting the attacks, Eboue, Toure and Clichy are the best in the Premiership. The problem is that it leaves them vulnerable to a quick counter attack.Players like Gallas and Toure are often seen making brilliant last ditch tackles. Your first glance is that they are great defenders, but it highlights that they have bad positioning. If they were in the right areas and read the game well, they wouldn’t have to make the last ditch tackles.

United fans enjoy watching a balanced and solid back line. Gary Neville /Wes Brown often overlap the midfield to put in crosses and are always solid in the tackle. Ferdinand and Vidic are great in the air, both defensively and in attack. They can mark players out the game and can also read the game well to make great interceptions. On the left, Evra’s height lets him down in the air, but he can still put in a tackle and support the attack. His pace also isn’t something to be ignored.

United are superior between the posts. We have plenty of options in Van Der Sar, Kuszczak and soon Ben Foster. All 3 are quality keepers.

Arsenal have never really found a replacement for Seaman. Lehman and Alumina can be good keepers on their day, but too many times they have made sloppy mistakes and aren’t as solid as United’s keepers.
So overall United have a better squad than Arsenal’s, but there are two other reasons why I think United should win the league this year.

First of all United are a more flexible and versatile squad when it comes to tactics. If we have to play football and pass it to death, we can definitely do that with Carrick and Scholes.If we play the counter attack, Ronaldo, Nani and Anderson have the pace and skill to do so. If it’s a defensive style, Hargreaves and Vidic will make sure we don’t concede.And if it’s just pure attack, Rooney and co will get the goals.

On the other hand, Arsenal never seem to play anything but the passing and movement game. This means that opposition can predict the best way to play against them. And that’s to close them down and deny them time on the ball. If this is done, Arsenal struggle to get in their rhythm.

My second reason is that United fans are the best in the country. They have a huge selection of chants, and a diehard away support. This is much different to Arsenal fans, who can hardly be heard at away games and copy chants from other fans but just change a few words.

So it should be Gary Neville picking up the title in May. It’s on the script, but you never know with Wenger. He’s a tricky little customer who knows his football. One things for sure though, Sky and Setanta will be making a lot of money over the next few months.

Henry Kibirige

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