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Woes of Man Utd

Having already played 5 games, you would normally expect Man Utd to at least be in a top 4 position, not the 8th position that they currently find themselves in. A maximum of 1 goal wad scored in all matches so far this season, in contrast to the vast amount of goals scored last season. Just what is happening to Man Utd this season? Is it the lack of a proficient striker? The early season syndrome? Or is it really the curse of the community shield? No one knows for sure. But I believe what we really lack is a proficient striker.

On the same day whereby Liverpool fans were cheering their hearts out for their team as they made it 10 home goals in a week with a 6-0 home rout of Derby, Man Utd fans had to endure the somewhat lackluster first-half performance against the black cats of Roy Keane. With all their undoubted quality, Tevez and Anderson just lacked the penetration that Man Utd sorely missed. With the introduction of Saha during the second half, Man Utd literally sprang back to life, allowing Tevez the freedom that he wished. The Sunderland custodian was forced to make a couple of impressive saves to deny Man Utd from expanding their score line.

The Sunderland match highlights the problem of the lack of a proficient striker, a striker who could bring us penetration and also instinctive chance-sniffers such as one like Solskjaer. With Saha back in Man Utd squad, Ronaldo back from suspension, and probably, a Rooney comeback against Everton next week. One could only wait the magnificent moment when they play together yet again, providing the entertainment that we sorely missed for weeks.

The second half performance of Man Utd against Sunderland was a joy to behold, it allowed Man Utd fans, to believe that Man Utd had finally got their touch back, and the solution to their problem (lack of goals). To me, Saha alone could not solve the entire problem that Man Utd now face, what we lack is the quantity of striker like him. Anderson is a bright prospect, but for now he is still lacking qualities of a goal scorer that Man Utd needs now. Since Saha is too injury prone, I seriously hope that Sir Alex Ferguson would do something to ease the pressure on him.

 I wait, together with the rest of the Man Utd fans for the Everton match next week hoping and praying that Man Utd would not disappoint me yet again. I hope truly, that the woes of Man Utd can truly be overcome.

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