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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and what happens if the inevitable happens?

 ARTICLERe-vitalised columnist Deborah is back with her first article for a long time where she discusses United fans favourite Ole and what would happen if United were no longer successful.

Well where do I start with ole, he’s one of the reasons I fell in love with united and one of the reasons I’ll always adore united no matter what! United fans all over the world love ole to bits and no one has a bad word to say about him but ole will always be remembered for MORE than just that goal in the Nou camp. He gave every united faithful special moments to remember and im one of them and im a lucky one, as I got to see him play live and I will never ever forget that day! I’ll always sing his songs and get his name on my united shirt! When he first joined united it was ole who?? Now everyone now’s his name and everyone loves him!


Well it’s safe to say we’ve started abit slow this season but am I worried? Nah course not, we always start slow but everyone said we needed to start strong but looking at the fixtures we need to finish strong and now with Saha back and Ronaldo very soon and Rooney not far away there’s bright times ahead for Manchester united. So hands up if looking at the prem table a few weeks ago when we were 19th made you cringe?! Well me for one cringed and I thought to myself what life would be like in the championship for a team like Manchester United and I wondered how many of our so called fans would disown us and say united who? But everyone says it cant happen and wont happen to a team like ours but I remind people it happened to Leeds- they had a strong side when they were relegated and the year before they were in the champions league semi final! Also looking at the table made me think how it would feel to be relegated or how it feels to just survive buy your fingertips!

But if the inevitable were to happen and united lost their premiership status, what would happen to the players, the staff, old Trafford and the fans?? But imagine playing the championship teams week in week out! No champions league, early starts in the league and FA cup’s! it really does make me wonder how lucky we are.

You hear the scousers banging on about their 5 champions league and dissing that we ONLY have two! WE HAVE TWO!! What’s wrong with that!! So we haven’t dominated Europe for years and years like some clubs have but every team has a week point or a competition which is seen as one of the best and to win that 2 times u cant complain. It united win the champions league but not the premiership in a season our season will be seen as not a failure but certaintly not a great season! Our time to win the champions league will come and I will be lucky enough to be able to either be there or be able to remember it and to be apart in that magical feeling! As you all know before in the 1999 final I was only 10 and my dad sent me to bed as we were a goal down and with him being a Leeds fan, he didn’t think we’d come back! So I went to bed………and I cant remember a thing about that night so to me united didn’t win the champions league in 1999 (well they did but its nothing to do with me), I’m an outsider and I wasn’t apart of that feeling or that moment so I’m not involved in that fairytale!

But to me United are United and that’s all there is to it! And no will ever change that!!

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