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Whats been happening with United - James analyses the news

James' second article for FMU compliments the team and does a round up of the events including the death of former World Cup winner Alan Ball.

Now this is the second edition of me brand new column for, and feedback for the first one was a joy to read, so, here is me second! Hope you enjoy it, and leave feedback in the forums, tell me what you think...righti ho then chaps, where to begin… I think I’ll start with what has been happening in the footballing world outside the Theatre of Dreams, because what I’ve written United-wise is pretty damn special. Sam Allardyce has left Bolton Wanderers, which was, believe me, quite a shock. A man of such great managerial skills, on and off the pitch, leaving the game is defiantly a great loss to the beautiful game. And an even bigger loss, one that cannot be replaced in any shape or form, is the death of Alan Ball. Such a gifted player, arguably England’s Man of the Match in the final of 66, and such charisma… A saddening loss along side those of George Best and Sir Matt Busby. Rest in Peace, Alan Ball

But on a much more positive note, Manchester United have been pretty bloody amazing since I last spoke to you lot. Lost 2-1 spectacularly at Portsmouth; we’ve smashed Roma 7-1, beaten Watford 4-1 to book a place in the first FA Cup final at the new Wembley, won 2-0 against Sheffield United, drawn dismally at Middlesbrough 1-1, only for Chelsea to do the same against the Geordies, beaten AC Milan 3-2 in a thrilling tie at Old Trafford, and, in one of the most spectacular weekends of English football, come 30 minutes away from drawing at the top of the Premiership Table with Chelsea, only to turn around a 2-0 deflict to stun Everton 4-2 at Goodison Park and Chelsea to draw 2-2 with Bolton at Stamford Bridge to open a 5 point gap at the top of the table. While I get me breath back, try and think of the scale of every single one of those results, and how much impact every single one has on our challenge for the Treble. You see, I had written up a previous draft of me second column, full of in depth analysis. But I thought, no. These results need so much more than analysis and reflection, they need celebration. Who on planet Earth would have predicted Manchester United 7-1 Roma? Who on Earth thought we would be one of the first teams to set foot on the new, sparkling turf of Wembley Stadium? Who would have thought, that after blowing a 1-0 lead against Milan, we would, after coming 2-1 down against the Italian giants, turn the whole game around again, and win 3-2 on home soil? Who would have thought, that with 30 minutes left, losing 2-0 against Everton and Chelsea leading 2-1 comfortably at Stamford Bridge, that, again, we would turn the whole thing around and win 4-2, with Chelsea drawing 2-2, to practically blow their title hopes? I know I didn’t, if you had told me that after the Pompey game, I would just laugh in your face. But now I know, and you should to, whatever the coming weeks may bring, whatever silverware we may potentially lift into the Old Trafford skies (Or Wembley, or even Athens?), whatever happens, never doubt United. Never. Because if you do, what right do you have to be a Man United supporter? You would think you would have learned after that night in Barcelona. Never doubt United.       

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