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The Introduction

    Well, where to begin…my names James, I live in Hampshire, UK, I’m a Man United Fan (Obviously), and have been since I was 5. I found this website a few days ago actually, and then found the “advert” for a columnist, and just thought ‘hhmm…I wouldn’t mind being one of those actually…a bit like Robbo on BBC Sport!’

...So I sent in my interest, and Hey Presto! Now I’ve got me very own column for a Man United website! Smashing stuff! And, as you may have noticed, I’m also signed onto the Forever Man United forums! My username is ‘jamesthered07’, so if you like you can come and have a chat there, get to know me a bit more and visa versa! I’m a fairly relaxed, easy person… like a ginger Chris Martin! (There, you see, you’re learning more as I go along!) But don’t worry, I’m not gonna be singing ‘yellow’ or ‘trouble’ in high pitched tunes…I’m gonna be yappin’ away at the Speed of Sound! (Didn’t see that one coming did you, Coldplay fans, eh?)

  So that’s the introduction sorted…onto the main reason I’m writing this column: football! Or, more specifically, Man United! And I may just squeeze in a little paragraph at the end for what’s going on outside Old Trafford…So, starter topic; United-Pompey. Quite a shock result to be honest, I was sure we’d bounce back from the midweek European disappointment…but Vidic’s absence is really showing at the moment. Plus Van Der Sar, well, something’s just gone, that confidence, that towering presence…he looks uncomfortable, and is making some costly decisions. Its not all bad though, he did make a couple of good saves, but this sudden change of form (4 goals in 2 games conceded) is not a major problem I hope, and he should of got his act back together by Tuesday, not to mention the hairdryer treatment from Fergie…no. That would be harsh, considering he’s been superb for nearly all of the 06/07 season so far. It’s just unfortunate that his blip has to come at such a vital stage of the campaign. Mind you, we can’t all point the finger of deathly blame at VDS only- Richardson was at fault for the first goal- giving it away in that position can only mean danger. Van Der Sar…should have caught the ball, bit of an odd and costly decision to parry it right into the path of Matty Taylor. I think that knocked the stuffing out of United for a while, and then came the Ferdinand own goal. I really think, while not a goalkeeper myself, that Van De Sar should have at least tried to save it. He had every chance of saving it in my opinion, and if he had we could of got something from a disappointing game.

 Still, we remain top, but I really think we should have beaten Arsenal that weekend Chelsea lost to Liverpool. That way, we could have been pretty certain of our title at this tight stage of the season. Come on lads, the chance is there, don’t lose your nerve.     

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