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History of the world cup Switzerland and Chile

Two parts at once, as we try to round up this history of the World Cup. Poonam looks at the tournaments held in Switzerland and Chile in 1954 and 62' respectively

Switzerland 1954

This was supposed to be a shoe-in for Hungary, who went into the tournament as Olympic champions and overwhelming favourites, having not lost for 28 internationals.

A team including Ferenc Puskas, Jozsef Bozsik and Sandor Kocsis duly reached the final, but surprisingly lost to West Germany, who they had beaten convincingly in a group match in the opening stage.

There were some incredible scorelines, with 26 matches producing 140 goals at an average of 5.38 goals per game.

The four opening groups included teams from Asia, Africa, South America and Europe, with Scotland making their first appearance at the finals.

As expected, Hungary bulldozed their way through their group, beating Korea 9-0 and an under-strength West Germany 8-3, before knocking out Brazil 4-2 in the last eight.

The game ended in an all-out brawl in the dressing room after three players were sent off.

The referee, Englishman Arthur Ellis, was later to officiate in far less heated contests in BBC TV's It's A Knockout.

Scotland's first match ended with defeat by Austria and the consequent resignation of their manager, Andy Beattie.

They left the tournament after a 7-0 drubbing by defending champions Uruguay, who went on to beat England 4-2 in the quarter-finals.

Italy lost to Switzerland and went out after the first round, but the hosts fared little better.

Despite going 3-0 up, the Swiss were beaten 7-5 by Alpine rivals Austria in the quarter-finals, a World Cup record for the number of goals in a game.

West Germany defeated Yugoslavia in the last eight and demolished Austria 6-1 in the semis to set up a rematch against Hungary in the final.

When the "Magical Magyars" went two goals up, it looked as though it was going to be a repeat of the first-round humiliation.

But the Germans fought back to equalise with two goals in 10 minutes.

And in a thrilling climax, Helmut Rahn scored the unlikely winner.

Group 1 results:
Brazil 5-0 Mexico
Yugoslavia 1-0 France
France 3-2 Mexico
Brazil 1-1 Yugoslavia (aet)

Group 2 results:
Germany 4-1 Turkey
Hungary 9-0 South Korea
Hungary 8-3 Germany
Turkey 7-0
South Korea

Group 2 play-off:
Germany 7-2 Turkey

Group 3 results:
Uruguay 2-0 Czechoslovakia
Austria 1-0 Scotland
Uruguay 7-0
Austria 5-0 Czechoslovakia

Group 4 results:
England 4-4 Belgium (aet)
Switzerland 2-1 Italy
England 2-0 Switzerland
Italy 4-1 Belgium

Group 4 play-off:
Switzerland 4-1 Italy

Quarter-finals results:
Uruguay 4-2 England
Austria 7-5 Switzerland
Hungary 4-2 Brazil
Germany 2-0

Semi-finals results:
Germany 6-1 Austria
Hungary 4-2 Uruguay (aet)

3rd/4th place play-off:
Austria 3-1 Uruguay

World Cup Final:
Germany 3-2 Hungary


Chile 1962

Brazil became the third team to win two consecutive finals after beating surprise package Czechoslovakia in the 1962 final.

Football had developed into a tougher and more physical game by the time Chile hosted the seventh World Cup, after consecutive tournaments in Europe.

And the finals were marred by violence throughout, not all of it on the pitch.

A fan threw a bottle at Brazilian Garrincha, hitting him on the head, after he was sent off during the semi-final against Chile.

He replied by parading the Chilean flag after Brazil won the final, but there was plenty of violence involving the teams as well.

It started in the opening round, with the worst trouble occurring in the game between Italy and hosts Chile, which became known as the "Battle of Santiago".

Italy's Ferrini was sent off and had to be dragged from the pitch by police when he refused to walk.

Team-mate Mario David was also ordered off when he retaliated to a punch in the face by kicking his opponent's neck.

Chile finally won 2-0 and Italy failed to make the last eight, but there was no such trouble for Czechoslovakia.

They managed a goalless draw against Brazil in the first round and qualified for the quarter-finals, where they knocked out Hungary.

They went on to beat Yugoslavia in the semis and set up an unexpected rematch against defending champions Brazil, who knocked out Chile.

Despite failing to produce the form which swept them to the title in 1958, and losing Pele in the second game to injury, Brazil managed to come from a goal down to win the final 3-1.

Group 1 results:
Uruguay 2-1 Colombia
USSR 2-0 Yugoslavia
USSR 4-4 Colombia
USSR 2-1 Uruguay
Yugoslavia 5-0

Group 2 results:
Chile 3-1 Switzerland
West Germany 0-0 Italy
Chile 2-0
West Germany 2-1 Switzerland
West Germany 2-0 Chile
Italy 3-0

Group 3 results:
Brazil 2-0 Mexico
Czechoslovakia 1-0 Spain
Brazil 0-0
Spain 1-0 Mexico
Brazil 2-1 Spain
Mexico 3-1 Czechoslovakia

Group 4 results:
Argentina 1-0 Bulgaria
Hungary 2-1
England 3-1 Argentina
Hungary 6-1 Bulgaria
Hungary 0-0 Argentina
England 0-0

Quarter-finals results:
Chile 2-1 USSR
Czechoslovakia 1-0 Hungary
Yugoslavia 1-0 West Germany
Brazil 3-1 England

Semi-finals results:
Brazil 4-2 Chile
Czechoslovakia 3-1 Yugoslavia

3rd/4th place play-off:
Chile 1-0 Yugoslavia

World Cup Final:
Brazil 3-1 Czechoslovakia

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